January to mid-March
-Dry season                           -Average rainfall: 40 mm
-Average temperature: 31 High / 17 Low

Mid-March to May
-Rainy season                         -Average rainfall: 200 mm
-Average temperature: 30 High / 18 Low

June to mid-October
-Dry season                           -Average rainfall: 7mm
-Average temperature: 29 High / 17 Low

Mid-October to mid-December
-Brief rainy season                   -Average rainfall: 175 mm
-Average temperature: 31 High / 18 Low

Mid-December to end-December
-Dry season                           -Average rainfall: 80mm
-Average temperature: 30 High / 17 Low
Fact Sheet

Preparing for your visit to Larsens Camp? As you pack for the trip of a lifetime, we’ve included a few hints and tips to guide you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, as well.